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We provide a nutrition plan which implements flexible dieting, supplement plan, cardio plan, and weight lifting plan for you to follow. It's based on your height, weight, age, level of daily activity, fitness goals and goal timeline.  We make adjustments every 3-4 weeks to keep shocking your system for maximum change. Sometimes it changes even more often depending on your results. 


There are also weekly assessments to ensure you're moving in the right direction. This is a good program for someone that's self motivated, follows direction well, and is ready to give up unhealthy relationships with food. We've had a lot of success training clients long distance where they've lost over 50 pounds in the 3 months, been taken off Type II diabetes medication, and other forms of medication. However, I also want to be completely honest that some people have not done well with the long distance program because they struggled with consistency with lifting, cardio or eating correctly.  


You'll have access to us throughout the process to help in anyway possible!  We’re driven to see you succeed but also to make sure this isn't just a few months journey but a lifestyle change!

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